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On 29 Jun 2009 21:43:39 -0700,
(Evertjan.) wrote:

Since Bar Mitzwa primarily is something you "become", and not something you
"have", unlike a Bris Mila, I doubt it was so noteworthy in that time and
age to have it registered.
Would synagogue accounts have had a record of a donation made e.g.
when a lad was called to the Torah?

If so, is there any likelihood the record has been retained?

The original poster may already have his birth certificate. If not, shows a birth in 1918 for a Marks Levy in
Whitechapel. If this is him, his mother's maiden name is shown on
the index - but to get more one needs to buy a copy of the birth
certificate - the site tells one how to do that - which will give his
parents' full names, and an address.

Cecilia Nyleve

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