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Ann Rabinowitz <annrab@...>

You may like to view my piece which was published on the JewishGen Blog
( on Monday, June 22, 2009 regarding this
topic. The book by this name is also mentioned which came out in 1991 and a
web site address is provided where you may read excerpts >from the book.

There are always up-to-the-minute pieces on the Blog which you should take
advantage of. Several recent titles are: "Cornerstone laid for Museum of
Polish Jews in Warsaw", Remains of Israeli MIA Found After 61 Years", "Audio
tape helps family find Lodz grave of relatives", "Small Jewish Community
Still Remains in Syria", "Holocaust Memorial in Przemysl Synagogue", "Afghan
Synagogue Now a School", and many others.

It seems that I have not been posting as much on the JewishGen digest as I
have in the past due to writing longer pieces for the Blog. In the future,
I and others who write for the Blog will try and post on the JewishGen
digest first. This will alert readers to these more detailed pieces that
are too long for the digest, but can be found on the Blog. It is important
to take advantage of these resources which may be able to bring to your
attention things which you were not aware of that relate to your family

Sometime in the near future, I will be posting a piece on how one researcher
in Australia found information in one of my Blog pieces about Northern
Ireland. He then used this resource to locate his family that he did not
know existed in Belfast. Quite a surprise for him!

So, stay tuned . . . the Blog is there waiting patiently for your readership
and responses.

Ann Rabinowitz

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