Re: Need photo of a stone in Edmonton Federated cemetery in London #general

Hilary Henkin

Dear Bob,
Some years back, I had success with this very cemetery by mailing
them a one-use camera. They took the photos and sent the camera back
to me. This was a "film" camera in pre-digital days, but I think
one-use or cheap digital cameras are available now.

If you do this, use a reusable box/shipping container, include a
return label, and postage if you can (You could go to a
coin-and-stamp store to buy British stamps). Put your name on the camera.

Hilary Henkin

At 03:25 PM 7/1/2009, Bob Roudman wrote:
Dear JGeners,

Would someone in the London U.K. area be able to take a photo of a
stone in the Edmonton Federated cemetery in London. I have the name
and plot number. Any suggestions as how to obtain a photo at
Edmonton would be most welcome.

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