Re: Tips for Archival Research #galicia

Jules Levin

At 07:10 AM 7/5/2009, you wrote:
Dear Karen,

You've written an absolutely wonderful post and reminder to us all.
Behave well and with basic courtesies - how hard can that be?
I agree, but among the basic courtesies I would add one more.
Learn how to say, "please", "thank you", "hello", "goodbye" in the language
of the country you are in!!!
Yes, even in Lithuanian!
It is not difficult, and in places like Poland, the Baltic republics,
etc., their expectations of Americans are so low that even those few words
will go a long way. In fact, in myopinion, if you can't say thank you in the
language of the country you are in, you've lost half your courtesy.
And by the way, I am shocked by how many people think not to even learn the
Cyrillic alphabet before going to Russia. When I taught Russian it took me 20
minutes to teach it.
Jules Levin
Los Angeles

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