HEIMLER - WORTMANN ancestry #general

Lewis F. Lester <lewsails@...>

I am researching my Heimler and Wortmann ancestry.Here's what I think I

My mother, Renee Heimler, was born 18 Oct 1908 in Czelldomolk, Hungary
and came to the U.S. in 1921 with my maternal grand-mother Pauline
Wortmann. My maternal grand-father, Karoly Heimler, born about 1863;
he owned a wine and leather goods business in old Kis-Czell
(later Czelldomolk). He did not come to the U.S. with his family, and
apparently died around the time of their emigration because Karoly is
later referred to as 'nehai' and my grand-mother's marital status
was changed >from married to widow on her citizenship papers. I have not
been able to locate anything on him or his parents, Ignatz Heimler and
Kate Deutsch. Karoly had three sisters - Anna, Marion & Giza, all of
whom disappeared in the Holocaust.

My maternal grand-mother, Pauline Wortmann, was born 29 Nov 1867 in
Nagykanezia, Hungary. Her father was Josef Wortmann (b. abt 1829, d.
abt 1901). His parents were Ignatz Wortmann (b. abt 1800 in Moravia
(Bohemia) and Perl Hirshel. Pauline's mother (my maternal great-grandmother)
was Regina Grunwald (b. abt 1839, d. abt 1905).

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

Lewis Lester, Oakland, Maine, USA

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