Re: Russian Immigrant with first name "Harris"???? #general

Ann Hellman <hellmana@...>

Carol Raspler, Delray Beach, FL wrote
Grandfather's name was Harris HANAPOLSKY as far back as I've been
able to track. I know enough not to 'assume' that his birth name
was Hersch or similar but I'm wondering if any of you had European
ancestors with the first name Harris???=B2

My husabnad's ggf was also Harris. Until we translated his tombstone, we
didn't realize that his Hebrew name was Aron. He arrived in the US as
"Aron" and later changed his name to Harris. Try using his Hebrew name to
find his arrival, not his English name.


Ann Meddin Hellman
Charleston, SC

Researching: MEDINSKI/MEDIN/MEDDIN, TENNENBAUM Kolonia Yakovlevo, Gub.
Grodno, Belarus; JARINKES/YARINKES, Drahichyn, Belarus; FEINTUCH, MELGUT/
MELGOOD Warshava, Poland; RUBIN, FRANK Radoshkovichi, Belarus
Ukraine; LEVKOFF/LEWKOW Berdichev, Ukraine; HELLMAN, Riga, Latvia;
ZYMANSKI Filipow, Poland; TEWEL/TOVEL Brzostek, Poland

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