relationship between BOCIANs and KLEPFISZes #general


I last posted this message in 2006; it is my hope, that this posting
will bring forth feedback. Thank you!

My great-great grandfather, Rabbi Aharon Shlomo Zalman KLEPFISZ,
Ob"m, was one of the rabbis of Goworowo (in Ostroleka, Poland).

When looking at the Goworowo yizkor book, one of my findings was a
photograph of a group of six young men, and the caption under it
specifies that one subject in the photo was:
<Aharon Ye-huda BOCIAN (BATSHAN) , great-grandson of both Goworower

In addition, after he passed away, a relative of his, Rabbi Yaakov
Yehuda Kahana BOCIAN (/BATSHEN) Ob"m, served as rabbi of
the Goworowo community

The question is: how were they related?

It's been suggested that Rabbi Yaakov-Yehuda Kahana BOCIAN's sister
married the previous Rav, (of Goworowo), Rabbi Aharon Shlomo Zalmon KLEPFISZ.
Rabbi Yaakov Zeev KLEPFISZ was a teacher in the community of Neimirow
and Rabbi Yaakov Yehuda's father (Tzvi Aryeh (Hirsh Leib) ALEXANDROVSKY )
served as a judge in the same community. Yaakov Yehuda also used the family
name ALEXANDROVSKY, his eldest son was Aharon ALEXANDROVSKY. At some
point Yaakov Yehuda changed his surname to BOCIAN (BATSHEN) which means
"stork" in Polish.

Rabbi Yaakov Yehuda's uncle was Yisrael Shlomo Zalmon Aharon HaCohen
ALEXANDROVSKY. Sounds very similar with a slight variation to the Rabbi
Aharon Shlomo Zalmon KLEPFISZ....

It's also been suggested that the wife of Rabbi Yaakov Zeev Klepfisz
was >from the ALEXANDROVSKY family.

I've already e-mailed JGFF researchers of BOCIAN. No matches of family

Vital records should give us answers; for Goworowo, (where both
KLEPFISZ-BOCIAN rabbis served), there aren't records available for this
time period; according to the Goworowo yizkor book, my great-great
grandfather was born in Nemirow, in "Brisk D'Lita".

I've already posted a message about vital records >from there; Jenni
Buch helped out, and replied that Nemirov was 26 miles >from Brisk, but
Brisk was the big town/city in the area. Niemirov was not in the Brest
district, although geographically close; it was definitely a tiny
village.. the admin. district is either Siedlice or Bialystock.

Does anyone have detailed contact info. of where to turn to for such
vital records?

Any ideas on how to find out how BOCIANs and KLEPFISZes are related?

I look forward to responses. Thank you!!

Sarah Lasry

BOYER (>from Seta, Lithuania)
LEVIN(E) (>from Panavezys, Lithuania)
S(Z)TERN (>from Goworowo, Lodz and Wyszkow, Poland)
KLEPFISZ (and spelling variations) (>from all over Poland and

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