United Minsker Benevolent Association #belarus

Richard Gilbert

Dear All,

Following on >from my earlier email about information about the records
of the UMBA I am reporting the fruits of my enquiries.

Having spoken with the helpful staff at Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn I
was given a contact address for a Mr Gene Singer. I was told by the
cemetery that the contact details they had were >from 1994 and they could not
guarantee that I would make contact with him. Using a well know website
I was able to establish that he lived at the address I had been given for
him. It transpired that he is an employee of the United Hebrew Community New
York(a burial society). I was asked to submit my request in writing which I
did. This was the response I received >from the burial society
Executive Director David Jacobson - Please be advised that the United Minsker
Benevolent Association dissolved more than 40 years ago. They, prior to
that time, sold the few remaining graves to Washington Cemetery. The
cemetery, thereafter, sold the graves to my organization,the United Hebrew
Community of NY. We were not provided with any details or records of the Minsker
nor do we have any knowledge about their previous members, Officers or
descendants Sorry that I cannot be of assistance to you. On further
enquiry Mr Jacobson confirmed that he had no knowledge of the whereabouts of the
UMBA records.

Prior to receiving Mr Jacobson=92s email, I received the following
from Gunnar Berg, an archivist with YIVO - I have looked through the
YIVO Archives landsmanshaftn collection catalogs, but have not found an
organization with the name you gave us. Perhaps this group is still
operating? We only have records >from defunct groups.

I suppose another cemetery may have other contact details and I will try
and follow this up when I get a chance, but I thought I would share the
results of my labours so far.

Best wishes,

Richard Gilbert
Bushey Heath, Hertfordshire, England


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