one more PRYSHKIN: from Berestovitsa #general

MandJMeyers <mandjmeyers@...>

The 1897 Russian census of Grodno shows an Itsik PRYSHKIN, son of Shmuel,
and his wife Buna living in Zyaliona and says they were originally >from
Berestovitsa. Itsik was born c1844 and was a miller.

This is particularly interesting because my great-grandfather Tzvi Hirsh
MEYEROWITZ (Harry MEYERS) came >from Berestovitsa and was married to Rachel
nee PRUSHKIN, daughter of Yehuda and Rosa PRUSHKIN. Certainly they were
related somehow as PRUSHKIN and its variants are relatively rare.

If this sounds familiar, please contact me privately at

Also, can anyone identify where Zyaliona might be?


Marty Meyers
Montclair, NJ

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