Seeking: Yosef GONDELMAN, Briceni, Bessarabia #general


I am trying to trace descendants or other relatives of Yosef (Joseph)
GONDELMAN, a son of Cooney (or maybe Kunya) GONDELMAN, and Chaindle
KYNOVITCH. He would have been born about 1870-1880, maybe a little before or

Yosef GONDELMAN's brother Solomon settled in England in 1897, and his sister
Sofie married Jacob WEINTRAUB in England in 1901 after which they emigrated
to New York.

Yosef remained in Briceni, and his last known address was Communa Cumorova,
Yud Chotin, Briceni, Bessarabia.

If anything here sounds familiar, or if you are able to let me have any
information regarding the above address, please contact me privately at

Many thanks

Natalie Lamb
Berkshire, England

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