Re: Russian Immigrant with first name "Harris"???? #general

Richard Kurshan

I had a great grandfather named Harris, sometime called Chaskel, and
whose name was written on his grave marker as "Yehezkel ben David"

from April 05,2006:Khatskel also Kaskel-I believe it's the Yiddish
form for the Hebrew Yehezkel (English Ezekiel). in fact, the jewishgen
given names databse lists "Haskl / Khaskiel / Khaskl / Khatse / Khatsek /
Khatsele / Khatshe / Khatske / Khatskl / Kheske / Kheskl /
Khesye / Khezkeyl / Khezye / Yaskl" as all being Yiddish nicknames
for Ezekiel.

Richard Kurshan
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