Surname WEIDEN #general

Wegner, Peter

Dear jewishgenners:

This message is addressed to anyone with family members surnamed
WEIDEN (but only if this was the original surname and is not simply
an abbreviation of Weidenbaum, Weidenfeld, etc.) I have a very
specific question. Do you know whether your WEIDEN ancestor or
relative was a Kohen, a Levi, or a Yisra'el?

My husband's father, Leo WEIDEN born in Tarnow, Poland, died when
my husband was only 4 years old; his mother died suddenly when he
was 16; and as they were very secular Jews, the question never arose
until it was too late to ask them. So now we want to find out, for
the benefit of of our sons and grandchildren, which of the three
"castes" they belong to.

If anyone can help us on this point, we'd be very much obliged.


Judith Romney Wegner (

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