Brobruisk research project--why are we doing it? #belarus


Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a Brobruisk research project
underway, but very little money has been raised. If there is no interest
in the project, we will cancel it.
To donate, go to
asp?project_cat=1 and select Brobruisk. The page has a link to the Brobruisk
project plan. Since the plan was published, we've received some new data
that will be posted soon. To continue, we need donations.

We also need a project coordinator to monitor project progress and lead the
fund raising effort. If you'd like to lead the project, contact me.
Please only serious replies >from people willing to put in some time and energy
on this project. If there is more than one volunteer, then you can work together.

Sharon Fingold
co-Coordinator of the Belarus SIG

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