Seeking for SAPERSTEIN descendants #general

Naidia Woolf <rnwoolf@...>

The maiden name of my maternal grandmother, Sarah Rachel DROZDIASZ, was SAFIRSTEIN
(or SZAFIRSTEJN). She and her husband Israel (my maternal grandfather) emigrated
from Poland to England circa 1900. When they first moved to England, they lived in
London - later Northampton. Eventually they moved to & settled in Preston,
Lancashire. I was never informed of any (or at least close) relatives of theirs
also having moved to England (>from Poland), either around the same time (circa
1900), before, or later on, into the 20th century.

The UK outgoing passenger lists now available online (on one of the major genealogy
-related websites) includes several passengers named SAPERSTEIN (a variant of
SAFIRSTEIN) who, in particular, sailed >from Liverpool to the USA, destination port,
New York. (Because my maternal ancestors lived in the North of England for many
years, I'm assuming that any relatives of theirs in England would have sailed from
Liverpool (the nearest port), but that is mere conjecture on my part.

Of these several had Jewish-sounding first names, as follows:
Abram (born 1860) sailed 1905 Fanny (born 1883) sailed 1905
Gertrud (born 1891) sailed 1905 Isaac (born 1882) sailed 1905

Julius (born 1883) sailed 1904 Leib (dob unknown) sailed 1912
Mamy (born 1892) sailed 1905 Samuel (born 1893) sailed 1911

There are numerous other individuals with the same surname (SAPERSTEIN) who
emigrated >from the UK between 1904 and (as late as) 1958. Destination ports (in the
USA) included Boston, Philadelphia, Portland. Other destinations were Canada and
South Africa.

Please note: At the time of the 1901 UK Census there was a SAPERSTEIN family living
in West Derby, Lancashire: Annie & Isaac (both born in 1866), presumably husband &
wife, and Morris (born 1892), presumably their son.

I would be interested in hearing >from anyone who may be descended >from any of the
individuals listed above of any whose ancestral name was SAPERSTEIN/SAFIRSTEIN.

To date (after 10 years of research) I have only been able to locate one possible
(distant) relative of mine named SAPERSTEIN - a fourth cousin in New Jersey.

Naidia Woolf
San Francisco, CA USA
Formerly of Birmingham, England

ISAACS: Poland (Mlawa or Gora Kalwaria), Birmingham, England
KUJAWSKI or WINTER: Lodz, Kalisz, Poland
SAFIRSTEIN/SZAFIRSTEJN (or variants): Karczew, Poland

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