Re: name "Isser" - is this a diminutive of "Yissacher"? #galicia

MBernet@... writes:
"I have been told that in Russia, "Isser" was the diminutive for "Israel" or
Yisroel." I have a list of people >from Galicia and on it there are both the name
"Isser" and "Israel" but no "Yissacher". This began me thinking and wondering if
"Isser" is/was used in the Galizaianer world as the diminutive for "Yissacher."
Any thoughts??"

Alexander Beider, in his Dictionary of Ashkenazi Given Names, attributes Isser
exclusively to Yisrael. The Kinnuy for Issachar was Dov/Ber. In eastern Europe,
Sakhar or Sokher were commonly abbreviations for Yissacher.

Michael Bernet, New York

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