Query: LDS Family History Center with Microfilm Scanning Capabilities #general

Ada Green

Thank you to all who responded to my inquiry about an LDS Family
History Center, preferably one in the New York metropolitan area,
that is equipped for scanning records >from an LDS microfilm to a CD.

To sum up >from your responses, there is an FHC in Woodside, Queens,
NY that has scanning capabilities to either a CD or a USB flash drive
(memory stick). I was advised that the flash drive is definitely the
way to go because 1) documents scan to it faster and easier than to a
CD, and 2) it holds many more pages than a CD.

Armed with that very helpful information, I took a subway to the
Queens FHC yesterday and ordered the microfilm that I am interested
in (for US $5.75). It normally takes about 2-3 weeks for the
microfilm to arrive (assuming that it's not back ordered). Although
I have no prior experience with flash drives, I will explore that
option further starting with a visit to Best Buy to acquaint myself
as to what they look like <g> and more to the point, their cost.

A few things I learned once I was at the Queens FHC is that it costs
50 cents to burn a CD regardless of the number of pages and an
additional 50 cents to purchase a blank CD if you don't provide your
own. One is not allowed to scan an entire microfilm, only a small
part thereof. The records that I need are in compliance with that
limitation. There were signs plastered all over the place that no
digital cameras may be used to copy films in the Family History
Center. Don't know if this rule applies to all FHC's in general or
specifically to the one in Queens, although I suppose it applies to
all of them on grounds of copyright regulations.

Ada Green
New York, NY

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