Misslitz, Moravia/Miroslav, Czechoslovakia #general

Chuck Weinstein <cmw521@...>

Our congregation is putting together a permanent memorial to the Jewish
community of Misslitz/Miroslav. We hold a Holocaust Torah dedicated to this
town in south central Czech Republic today. What we are especially looking
for at this point are stories of the people of Miroslav, their day to day
life, and especially information on the children. If you or members of your
family grew up in or lived in Miroslav, we would like to hear >from you.
Miroslav was part of the Sudetenland that England and France forced
Czechoslovakia to cede to Germany in late September, 1938, and the German
army and SS arrived in Miroslav with very little warning on October 1, 1938.
A Jewish community numbering about 500, which had existed since at least the
middle of the 17th century, fled in every direction, but ultimately, most
were caught up in the war. Few survived. Even fewer returned after the
war, most survivors having gone to Israel or the United States.

Please respond privately to me with your stories and any other information
you care to share. We have heard >from a few survivors and their families,
and have already reunited two cousins who had not seen each other since
1938. With your help, Miroslav will be permanently remembered at Temple
Beth-El in Huntington, Long Island, NY.

Chuck Weinstein

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