FHL Records from Bukowina--Are the Jewish records part of church records? #general

Ava Cohn <avatom@...>

Has anyone searched the Family History Library records >from the
Chernivtsi State Archives that cover the areas of the Bukowina that
include Storozynetz and Krasna Ilski? These metrical books are >from
the orthodox church in Krasna Ilski and the roman catholic church in
Storozynetz. I am wondering if Jewish records were part of the church
documentation in these towns or if the rabbi in Storozynetz kept those
records? Krasna Ilski was in the Storozynetz area but did not have a
synagogue. The library does not indicate that there are Jewish
records specifically but does say that the films include records
from surrounding villages. Any help would be welcome.
Ava Cohn
Long Grove, IL

Searching: SHENKMAN/FRIEDMAN/SELIGMAN: Vitebsk gub., Riga
COHN/ABRAMOWITZ: Botosani, Bucharest, Montreal, Haifa
HAMMER: Krasne Ilske, Ukr., Czernovitsi

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