Re: errors in death certificates. A biggie! #general

Mary B

Martha Lev-Zion wrote:
So here is a case where the maiden name was clearly written and the information
given was by the mother of the deceased. You would think she would know her own
name! So why such a severe error?
Martha, my father died five years ago. I went to the Chevra Kadisha to give all
the information for the death certificate. The gentleman was seated with a desk
between himself and me and he asked all the questions and filled out the
certificate himself. Even though I gave all correct answers and spelling, the
certificate arrived with my mother's maiden name spelled wrongly. In your case it
may have been the same, where someone filled it out for the mother even though she
was written as the informant.

Mary Blumenstein
Melbourne, Australia

Researching: BAUM/Svidnik, Satoraljaujhely, Hungary. BERNER/KATZ/Beregovo,Ukraine.
Michalovce,Kosice,Slovakia.NEUMAN/NEUMANN/Kvakovce,Michalovce, Slovakia

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