Searching for BASWITZ Frankfurt an der Oder #general

Judith Elam

About 2 weeks ago I posted a message searching for relatives named BASWITZ >from
Frankfurt an der Oder, the children of the Max BASWITZ and Caecilie WEISS BASWITZ,
married in 1863. I now have more specific names and birth dates for these BASWITZ
children: Hans Carl (1864), Benno (1865), Hermann (1867), Walter (1869), Kurt
(1871), Elsbeth (1873 - perished in Holocaust) and possibly Gertrud BASWITZ STERN
(1881) and Margarethe BASWITZ WEISSTEIN(1874), if they are daughters of Max BASWITZ
and not some other BASWITZ. I know Gertrud and Margarethe perished in the
Holocaust, but Gertrud had a son, Kurt STERN who emigrated to NY with his wife and
sons Ralf/Rolf and Peter Michael. I have seen the ship's manifest, but no further
records on them. Ralf and Peter Michael could still be alive, as they were born
1930 and 1936, respectively.

I have found Hans Carl in London ( 1939, but nothing on him
after that. Hermann shows up in Berlin directories up until 1925 in the family
printing business. Walter appears as a Wechselmakler in the 1907 Frankfurt/Oder
directory. Benno was a doctor and shows up in the 1922 Frankfurt/Oder directory.
Nothing at all on Kurt. I would love to know what happened to all these brothers

Does anyone know which cemetery Jews >from Frankfurt/Oder would be buried in and how
to find burial records? If anyone has any information on these BASWITZ and/or
their descendants, please contact me directly at elamj@...

Judith Elam
Kihei, Hawaii

Researching: WEISS, NATHAN, HAHN, ITZIG, BENDA (all >from Berlin), LEWY
(Neustrelitz, Prenzlau, Berlin), ARNHEIM (Penzlin), SCHWARZ (Kosten) FISCHEL
(Czempin), MENDZIGURSKY, WIENER (Toporow, Poloniczna, Kamionka Strumilowa),
(Poloniczna, Kamionka Strumilowa), BOOKBINDER (UK), HORN (Leipzig,Poland),

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