Re: jewishgen digest: August 17, 2009-- family trees from existing databases #general

Avigdor Ben-Dov <a.bendov@...>

Ron Kaminker suggests:
"Could there be a way to 'link up' the records in JRI-Poland so that as opposed to
receiving just a list of records, you would be able to see family trees like in

I believe I may have posed a similar question much earlier in this forum, but it
boiled down to "who will do it?" or perhaps, is there some PC program that can
"digest" the data and convert it into relationships without too much human
intervention? On the whole it is a great idea as I too have found whole families
scattered thruout the db and for my own interest and clarity, drew my own family
charts and entered the raw data as facts on the chart, including references to the
db. This was very helpful, but it is a very time-consuming task. Granted that it
can be done individually for items or families of interest, in my opinion, it is
not a task anyone can do or do well. It requires skills of discrimination and
extrapolation and familiarity with family names, relationships, and dates. My
conclusion is that it will remain only and idea for a project for a long time
unless a dedicated team of genealogists would assume the burden to work at it on a
regular basis. This might be a mission for another SIG or a unit within a
genealogical society. Any takers?

Avigdor Ben-Dov
Zawada Poland Shtetl co-Coordinator

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