Re: errors in death certificates. A biggie! #general


martha@... writes:
"A few days ago, I wrote asking for ideas about finding information on Frieda
Wolfschlager, nee HIMMELHOCH according to her death certificate, Since Him[m]elhoch
is a one family name, I was astounded to find a new cousin I had not yet
researched. . . .a census suggested that perhaps someone had a speech impediment
and that the real maiden name was not Himmelhoch, but rather HIMMELREICH. This is
what I think: in German, hoch refers to "on high" and reich refers to "kingdom",
so immelhoch meaning "heaven high" and Himmelreich, meaning"the kingdom of heaven"

I have just checked out Lars Menk's Dictionary of German Jewish Surnames, which is
usually highly accurate and comprehensive. Lars mentions Himmel Reich but no
Himmelhoch, which suggests he was unable to locate a Jewish family in Germany in
the 19th century that bore the name Himmelhoch. He does mention a Jewish family
Himmelreich in Frensdorf, Bavaria, after 1800, and in Reichmansdorf Bavaria in
1832 "possibly >from Bavaria." He also mentions that the family >from Frensdorf later
changed its name to Heavenrich.

Michael Bernet, New York

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