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Peter Zavon <pzavon@...>

I agree with Eden. The place name looks like Zaleszczyki to me. (Modern
transliteration >from Ukrainian would be Zaleshchyky.)

There were three places with that name in the Austrian Province of Galicia, as Eden
described, but Zaleszczyki Stare was very close to Zaleszczyki ("Zaleszczyki Stare"
just means the "old Zaleszczyki") The fact that Shari's ggf's document says just
Zaleszczyki suggests he was either >from that town proper, or he was reporting being
from the district of Zaleszczyki, much the way I can say I am >from New York, even
though I am 250 miles >from the City of New York in the western end of the state of
New York. In either case, Zaleszczyki is the place to look in the JRI-Poland

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"Eden Joachim" <> wrote
In response to Shari Kantrow's request for help with her ggf's town >from his
Passport, I suggest Galician researchers refer to Brian J. Lenius' Genealogical
Gazetteer of Galicia...

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