Re: Linking Trees #general

Adiva Bloch

On ancestry, you can invite people to your tree, but not necessarily give access to
edit. Also, it allows you to see what the source is that came up with information
and attach it directly to the person. And, as jewishgen is now affiliated with
ancestry and the search results turn up the jewish records, those can be directly
attached as well.

On geni, you can edit how far out you want to receive reminders of birthdays, etc.
And, at the top of a person's page it tells you what the relationship is to the
person logged in and shows you how the connection is made. IMO, this site is good
for keeping in contact with family (even distant ones) and remembering to send
greetings on those special occasions.

I am not saying it is necessarily a good idea to combine trees, but if a person
wants to...

Adiva Bloch
Johannesburg, South Africa

On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 3:37 AM, Joseph Fibel<> wrote:
I am pretty careful about the data I add to my tree. if we combine trees >from on
line data bases through a search engine or data base index we lose all control of
what goes onto this tree unless we have some way to authenticate this activity.
Furthermore, cousins on the trees might have the same name since they are named
after the same ancestor. Who can tell who is a direct descendant and who is a
once removed cousin.
Joe Fibel
New Rochelle, Ny

Ron Kaminker suggests:
"Could there be a way to 'link up' the records in JRI-Poland so that as opposed
to receiving just a list of records, you would be able to see family trees like
in FTJP?"
Carol Graham responded:
For those who use,it sort of does this. all the trees can be linked
There are also other sites and allow one to do the same thing. But in the end,
no I don't think we will ever link everyone into ne giganitc tree. And unless
everyone sites reliable sources it is of no use anyway.

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