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David Rubin

vangheluwe.smietan@... writes:
"I have a riddle that I would solve with your help. My relative was in Warsaw
GRYNCAJG Israel, son of Jakub, born in 1913. I found his death record and his
tombstone On the record, his death happens "at 78 y in Warsaw of 12 june 1891"
(6 sivan 5651) On the tombstone, his death happens "at 79 y. in Warsaw of 6 sivan
5652"(1 June 1892) There is absolutly no doubt or mistake about these informations.
So my question is: Is it plausible that the person has been deprived of cemetery
for a year?"

In a response it was stated:
"My educated guess would be that he died when the death record says - how could
they make a record knowing that he would die a year later. The stone would have
been unveiled the next year, according to Jewish law, and by mistake or for some
purpose, the next year's date was put on it."

Hello all,

We agree with the poster as to this plausible explanation. However, waiting exactly
a year before putting up a grave marker is not 'Jewish Law' but one of many
'local customs'as to when the marker should be put up.

Please refer any questions to your local Halachic authority before contacting us.

David Rubin and Mrs. Rubin

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