Correction to New York City Death Certificates #general

Lois Levick

Dear Genners -

I have a clarification >from the New York City Archives about my recent post.
Originally, I had been told that the Archives used a system of duplicate death
certificates starting with a "Y" when someone died outside of the five boroughs but
was buried within the 5 boroughs. That is correct; however, the Archives just
informed me that this system did not start until 1939. My grandfather's death in
1919 was recorded on the Manhatten Death Index and ItalianGen with a number that
does not correspond to the actual death certificate. I have recently found out
that he died in Long Island but was buried in Queens. Although I asked the
Archives if the number shown on the Index was a burial permit number, and if so,
was that noted as such on the Index, I have not gotten an answer. My reason for
this post is that it has been a very long search for me to find this death
certificate, and had it been made clear that burial permit numbers were being
recorded as death certificate numbers I could have saved many years of research.
If you are encountering this problem, too, I would suggest you look into a
statewide search for your ancestor.

Lois Levick
LEFKOWITZ, Hungary, MANDEL, Tarcal, Hungary, STOGOFF, Kirovhorad, Ukraine,
MULIARSKY, Bialobrzegi, Poland, ROSENFELD, Hungary

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