New York City Rabbi's Synagogue #general

Steve Pickoltz

I'm looking for the name, address and phone number of the synagogue that a rabbi by
the name of Julius (Julian) Bresler (Bressler) may have been affiliated with. He
is listed as the Rabbi on a 1894 marriage cert.(#408)>from NYC. You can see it on
viewmate #13315.

I am sure that the synagogue is long gone, but its records may have been passed on,
so a current name, address, and phone number are needed.

Actually, what I am looking for is info on the two people he married on Jan 2,
1894. They were Solomon Brandt, son of Gershon Brandt and Sheitl Hyman. The
future wife was a Rachael Pikholtz, daughter of Max Pikholtz and Ellen Rosenbaum.

This marriage cert. is the only info I have been able to find on the newly weds, or
either of the parents (Both sides).

Any ideas- I out of them.

Steve Pickholtz

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