Re: family trees from existing databases #general

Erika Herzog

I wanted to clarify something about the family project I am working on where many
of the records are concentrated in the same town (in this family project it is
Golub-Dobrzy, but for another it's Radzanow, and so on and so on...).

While I may be lucky enough have quite a few records or translations I will be
handling that information very carefully. The information is going into a personal
family tree as part of my personal family project. Once that is done I will export
the gedcom file into a website template that lives in a password-protected section
of my website, so only people I know and have vetted will be allowed access.
These records are so important -- I am aware of how meaningful they are, especially
to my extended family. I would not like to jeopardize any sort of access to the
records for anyone else or for the future just because I have made a collection of
them for my family project.

That said, if someone else is trying to find records >from Golub-Dobrzy, Radzanow,
etc., I hope that I have made enough references to the towns and have been clear
enough in the JewishGen FTJP/JGFF databases that as a natural course people would
contact me or my fellow mishpucha (family). Please do!!! Because if the work is
already done, why not save a fellow family member the stress and effort/reinventing
the wheel?

Not to stand on a soapbox or be too repetitive, but I feel very strongly -- and I
think many other people in the Jewish genealogy community I've talked with feel
this too -- that it is important to get the younger generations as involved in
genealogy as possible. I think that as a relatively youngish genealogist myself,
it's important to have these types of discussions about records and what to do with
them, about the responsibility of having the records and managing them, to allow
this discussion to be in a public forum. So that newish genealogist can understand
what might not be clear about the privacy and care of these records.

I wanted to add that I find the discussions very helpful, both on and off list, at
the conferences and just in the one-to-one conversations I have had with people.
I thank everyone for their patience and good humor in discussing some of this
information. While quite a bit seems very clear, other aspects of this research is
not. I am glad to continually learn more every day.

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