1905 NYC Polices - Hyman and Pauline PERSKY #general

Allan Karan


Does anyone have a theory why I would not find the following, other than not being
home for the census?

Hyman and Pauline PERSKY 1904 marriage cert shows 168 Essex Street as their address
and their first child's 1906 birth cert., also shows 168 Essex Street as their
address. But they were not listed in the 1905 NYC Polices census. I checked the
building addresses before and after without any luck.

I did notice a Sam and Ettei EPSTEIN, husband and wife in their 60's, living there.
Pauline's maiden name was Ethel EPSTEIN, but I think her parents would have been
around 45 at this time so while I wonder if they were living with them and did not
get report it, I doubt it, If this EPSTEIN was related to Pauline. What is
interesting about the EPSTEIN entry is that Sam EPSTEIN shows he is living in the
US for 20 yrs while Ettei only 8 years. Pauline EPSTEIN 1910 Census shows she
arrived in 1900 which puts her around 16 years of age in 1900.

KARAN, CHORON, KHARAKH and KNIGER (Kopyl; Grozovo; Chepeli; Slutsk,Belarus),
PERSKY (Poltava, Ukraine); EPSTEIN (Kobrin, Belarus)

Allan S. Karan
White Plains, NY

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