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Ron Kaminker <Ron@...>


I am glad that my initial posting stimulated a lot of discussion. I would however
like to clarify a few potential misconceptions

1. The idea had nothing to do with any commercial/web based sites or Geni - in
fact, I personally am totally opposed to Geni because of my perceived lack of
safeguards in what is shown and who can get access to the information.

2. I am aware that there can be many people with the same name (I have 10 different
Meilech NARZISENFELD' and 12 Hersch KAMINKER's on my tree). The goal was to put in
obvious linkages about which there could be no confusion. (e.g. connecting
different children >from the exact same father and mother's names., then linking in
the grandparents if you have the marriage records, etc...) This is no different
than what any of us do when building our trees.

My initial proposal (again not sure if technologically or economically feasible)
would be that as people look at records they make the linkages themselves. Maybe
there is an SIG (as someone suggested) that reviews the work to make sure it is
accurate. Additionally, when making the links it can be coded as to whether it is
"definitive" or "conjecture".

Lastly, someone had also suggested that there should be a system where if someone
had ordered a record that it could be coded so that others would be able to get
access to it. I think that is a fantastic idea as well.

Shana Tova - Ktiva VaChatima Tova

Ron Kaminker
LA, CA nee Buffalo, NY

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