STRAUSZ Cousin Search in Israel #general

Mark Strauss

Dear Genners,
My father's family (STRAUSZ/STRAUS/STRAUSS) comes >from Zatin Slovakia
(originally Zeteny, Hungary). My grandfather immigrated to Scranton PA,
but most of the rest of the family remained in Hungary. All but one
family member was killed during the war. The lone survivor immigrated
to Israel. He was my father's first cousin, and they shared the same
Hebrew name Avroham and supposedly born the same day, April 25, 1925;
or thereabouts. (They also shared similar professions. My father was an
electrical engineer; and this cousin was an electrician.) And, they
looked remarkably similar.

When I was in High School, about 1970, the survivor (Avroham Strausz)
visited the United States; and went with my father and I to visit other
family relatives in Scranton. He told stories about the family in
Zeteny; which started my genealogical quest. The problem is that we
lost contact with him; and I would like to reach out to him, if he is
still alive; and/or reach his descendants, if he had any. (I don't
remember if he had a family.)

Does anyone know how to reach this person. I believe his name was
Avroham Straus or Strauss; and that he was an electrician, born in
1925; and I think he lived in or near Haifa. Although Avroham was his
Hebrew name, he may have used a different first name. If anyone knows
how to reach him, I would be most appreciative.

Thank you.
Mark Strauss in New York City searching:
STRAUSS in Zeteny Slovakia and Scranton, PA
BERKOWITZ in Slovakia
BRODY/BRODIE/BROIDO in Ziezmariai, Lithuania and Ketovsky, Lithuania
MARKEL/MERKEL in Kedaniai, Lithuania

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