Israeli Death certificates #general

Dovie <gelerinter13@...>

Is it even possible to, and if so, how would I, obtain a death
certificate of someone who died in Israel in 1917? I know technically
there was no "Israel" in 1917, which is part of my question.

I'm looking for my GGGF's death certificate to help verify his mother's
name to help me solidify that the recent records I found are indeed of
him and his parents. I know my GGGF is buried in Har HaZeitim (well,
again 99.9% sure - There's a person buried there with his name having
died about the time he died etc - another reason I want the death cert.
to help verify some details), and the date of his death, and it seems
from my research that he moved to Eretz Yisroel before he died. I figure
obtaining his death cert. will pull a handful of things together for me.
Is there anywhere online to search for such a thing? Is there a
particular gov't department that deals with this? Would I have to
contact the various Chevra Kadishas? etc?

Thank you.

-Dovie Gelerinter

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