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"Can anyone suggest an original name in Yiddish or Hebrew for the English
"Lucy"? A cousin of my father's was named Lucille, and a search further
back in the family has turned up a "Lucy". I cannot believe that "Lucy",
born in the Ukraine in the nineteenth century could have been so named. I
suspect that the person who originally supplied the information was giving
the name that would have been used in North America. It would be nice to
be able to link up these two women. "

Alexander Beider has Lutsie as a main female listing in his Dictionary of
Ashkenazic Given Names. The listing includes Lucia, Lu[e]tse, a Jewish
woman in Nurnberg in 1298 (lamed-vav-tzadi-alef), and various variants
into the 17th century. Puzzling, he states that the Lutsie form was unknown
after the 16th century and "was never brought to Eastern Europe" [>from
central Europe].

Perhaps a more likely origin in this case might be Lyube, to my ears a less
rare name among Jews in Eastern Europe.

Beider emphasizes the name's Latin origin. I am tempted to assume that
your Ukrainian cousin's parents may have been well read and chose the
Lucia name >from their reading matter.

Michael Bernet, New York

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