Re: Julius and/or Ester Rachel KNOLLER in Antwerp Belgium 1948 #general

Joseph Fibel <jfibel@...>


You do not mention whether or not your friend has gone back to ITS
to see why they have not responded further. i would think she
certainly should do so and also ask what paths ITS was going to
investigate, This is not an unusual time lapse for ITSD in its old
mode but they are trying very hard to respond quickly under their
new regime.

Joe Fibel


I am helping a friend who is trying to locate his first cousin and
descendants who disappeared after the war. He was, apparently, the
only survivor in the KNOLLER family.

My friend received information >from ITS in Bad Arolsen on December
2008 but has heard nothing since then. If any of the following sounds
familiar - if you know this family or anything about their current
descendants or location, please contact me.

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