Re: Bobruisk Fundraising/Volunteering #belarus


In response to Ruth Wilnai's question "Is there a list of surnames that I can
see before I decide ifI have an interest in Bobruisk?" Any data
already extracted is in the database on JewishGen. We will not know what the
other surnames are until we extract the data. And, we won't extract more
data until we raise more money.I think people may be confuse about what it
means to do original research. It means we don't know what data is there
until we extract it.If you had family in Bobruisk
then there is a likelihood data about your family will pop up at some point
in the research effort. Your options are to either hire someone to go
through all the records looking for just your surname and hope they find
something (and you pay for all this research yourself).Or, you join in
with other people interested in Bobruisk, pool your funds, and extract
ALL the records for the use of everyone. This effort helps you and it helps
the whole genealogy community. It's a mitzvah! And, it's probably
less expensive because multiple people are contributing.

Sharon Fingold

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