Ossowa Arbeitslager, Sobibor #austria-czech

Peter Lowe <Peter.Lowe@...>

Does anyone have any information, or know >from where I might obtain it,
on the Ossowa Arbeitslager at or near Sobibor ?

My grandfather, Gustav ADLER (born 1877 in Amschelberg), was deported
from Prague on 12 Feb 1942 on Transport X to Terezin and then on 9 May
1942 on Transport Ax to Sobibor. According to
http://www.terezinstudies.cz/deu/ITI/publ/TSD/TSD94de/kryl , the
destination was "Ossowa?, Sobibor?" and there were no survivors >from the
1000 transported.

I have only found one clear reference to the nature of Ossowa (apart
from references relating to the Sobibor uprising). This was:
http://www.hagalil.com/shoah/zwangsarbeit/slave.htm , which is a list
of German Companies that used forced labor. It includes: Ossowa
(Komarowska Podlaska) and Ossowa (Sobibor). This implied to me that
Ossowa was the name of a German Company.

from letters >from my grandfather, we know that he was at "Ossova
Arbeitslager, Post Sobibor, Kreis Cholm", and at least in May 1942 was
living in Siedlicze upon the Wiepr., Leczynska str. 17, near Sztern
Pinkwas, Kreis Cholm. Our last information was that he had bronchitis
and presumably died shortly thereafter as he had already retired
following a heart-attack.

We are particularly keen to obtain information on Ossowa Arbeitslager in
pursuit for claims relating to compensation for Slave Labour.

Thank you for any help you can give.

Peter Lowe
Hertford, England
Email: Peter.Lowe@...

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