Re: Finding Grandfather's butcher shop in the 1920's Chicago #general

Jenny Schwartzberg

Dear all,

The Newberry Library in Chicago (facing Washington Square Park aka Bughouse Square)
has wonderful genealogy resources, and if you have a specific inquiry you can call
or email our genealogy librarians at: (312) 255-3512 or genealogy@....

This is a link to the Newberry's genealogy webpage which has a lot of very useful
resources: If you search our online
You will find a lot of Jewish history, literature and genealogy as well as very
rare Hebrew books. For those interested I can send pdfs of catalogs of our
holdings in those areas.

Good luck in your research!

Jenny Schwartzberg
Gift Specialist
The Newberry Library

If you get back to Chicago or have family there, have them visit the Newberry
Library down on Bughouse Square (isn't that what it was nicknamed). They have
a collection of Polk directories and I found stuff for St. Louis there. They
have a whole floor dedicated to genealogy.
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