Searching for Mohilewer, Rabbi Samuel information #general


I am still trying to find the link between my grandfather and Rabbi Samuel
Mohilewer. My grandfather told his family that this Rabbi was his grandfather and
they discussed going to Israel. My grandfather came to the US instead. According
to the Encyclopedia Judaica the Rabbi had only one son and it was not my
grandfather's father. There seem to be many Mollivers in the US who also claim
him. Could he have been hiding children? Nothing makes sense since my grandfather
and all the others cannot be mistaken. I certainly know who my grandparents are. A
family trait is blond hair (reddish) and blue eyes. If I could find early pictures
I would have my proof. I don't know where to start.

bonnie Mogelever pollack
Searching Mohilewer, Gibberman, Nevitsky, Pollaco (Riga)

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