WEETMAN in Sunderland and JONES in London...continued #general

Adrian Bickle <adrianbickle@...>


Thank you for your help regarding my first question...There seems to
be Jewish link with the familly Weetman in Sunderland (Ada Weetman
born 1891).

I do have another question, search if anyone has any ideas...

My mother's gran was called Rebecca Jones and she came >from Plumstead
in London (UK). Her husband was called Horace Ladbrook and they had my
grandad Ronald Edmund Ladbrook born in 1920 in Woolwich London.

I do know that Rebecca was of Jewish descent because my mother's
father "Ronald" spoke about it... Her father was apparently a docker
or egg dealer in Plumstead (London).

I'm trying to find Rebecca Jone's parent's names...and any other information.

Many thanks for any help

Adrian Bickle

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