Alexander Dunai current address -- or other Ukraine researcher #general

Madeleine Sann <madsann@...>


I'm trying to find a researcher to search Kolomyja records. I
thought I had Alexander Dunai's current address but have not had a
response. If someone has worked with him recently, please contact me
privately with his email address. If anyone has good things to say
about another researcher -- perhaps Mr. Dunai does not work with
records >from Kolomyja -- I'd appreciate a recommendation or two. Thanks.

Madeleine Sann -- researching HELLER >from Kolomyja; EINHORN >from
Limanowa, Nowy Sacz, Niedzica and Milowka; SANN/SAN/SAHN/SOHN >from
Rymanow, Zarszyn, and Olszanica; LEHNER >from Dukla; BAHCNER >from Nowy
Sacz; and KORNHAUSER >from Labowa and Nowy Sacz

MODERATOR NOTE: Please send contact information for Alexander Dunai
and researcher recommendations privately.

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