Joseph and Jeanette COHEN, London. #general

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Hi All,
I recently found out that my great grandfather who we thought was
Joseph Saw was actually born Joseph Cohen and his father Herbert Frederick
Saw (fred saw) wasn't his real father.
His real father was Joseph Cohen born about 1860 Gravesend,Kent his
occupation was commercial traveller.On the 1891 British census he was
married to Jeanette Cohen(maiden name also Cohen) who was born about 1864
East Bishopsgate,London.They had three children Amelia 6yrs old born Bethnal
green...Bertie 3yrs old born St Lukes,London and my Joseph 4months born
Gravesend,Kent they are living at 20 Parrock street Milton,Gravesend.
On the 1901 census the family are living at 171 Belgrave
road,Walthamstow,Essex with one big problem Joseph Cohen snr has changed he
is now born 1866 a Journalist born Hastings,Sussex!
With a lot of searching i worked out that the above Fred Saw took on this
family sometime between the two censuses but what happened to the real
Joseph Cohen snr? i haven't been able to find a birth,marriage or death for
him or his wife Jeanette.

Has anybody come across this family in their research? is there anywhere i
can check Jewish records? maybe if i could find the marriage it would solve

Any help with this would be great.
Terry Hamlyn.

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