The Panevezys District Research Group of LitvakSIG #general


The Panevezys District Research Group of LitvakSIG obtains records for all
of the shtetls (towns) in the Panevezys Uyezd (district) of Kaunas Gubernia
(region) of Lithuania.

This District includes the town of Birzai, Geleziai, Joniskelis,
Krekenava, Linkuva, Mazgiai,Naujamiestis,Nemunelio Radviliskis, Pakruojis,
Pumpenai, Pamusis, Panevezys, Pasvalys, Pusalotas, Ramygala, Rozalimas,
Salociai, Truskava, Vabalninkas, Vaskai, and Zeimelis.

The focus is primarily on translating revision and family lists. These
were registers for each family officially registered in a given shtetl.
Participants in the efforts of this district group are sent excel files of all
records translated for that district and new translations soon after they
are completed. This is usually one year or so before they are published on
LitvakSIG's All Lithuania Database ("ALD").

All the participants in the Panevezys Research District Group should have
received an invitation to join our new Group website. This invitation is
not spam. It was sent out to all those that appear on the list for the
District. A number of the invitations have bounced. If you think you should have
received one and did not, please let me know. And of course, I would like to
encourage anyone with an interest in the Panevezys District to join the group.
Please write me privately if you have any questions

Dorothy Leivers
Coordinator of District Resarch Groups for LitvakSIG
and for a little while at least, your contact regarding the Panevezys
District Research Group

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