Tel-Aviv Architect Zvi Spokojny #general

Ittai Hershman

Chaim and Chaia Saperstein and 5 of their 6 children moved >from Bialystok to
Antwerp circa 1907. One daughter was already married to a man called
Eliyahu Spokojny and did not emigrate with the remainder of the Saperstein

In 1905 a son was born called Zvi Hirsch (Grisha) Spokojny who turns out to
have been one of the Bauhaus-style architects in "White City" Tel-Aviv (if
interested, see:
3qK6PQ&feat=directlink). Two of his buildings are documented in several
books documenting the "White City". Zvi died in 2002; and, sadly, his only
son died in 2006.

I am interested in hearing >from anyone with information about Zvi (Grisha)
Spokojny or his family.

Many thanks,
Ittai Hershman

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