What town is this: Is Volntzach the same as Volyntsy? #belarus

Ava Cohn <avatom@...>

Hello.In searching the Jewishgen archives, Belarus SIG archives and Shtetls
of the Vitebsk Gubernia, I have found references to a town spelled Volntzach
as being in the former Vitebsk gubernia, Drissa uyezd,now
Belarus.Shtetlinks mentions Volntzach as being in Poland.
WOWW does not list Volntzach.

My grandmother came >from a town spelled Volyntsy in Drissa uyezd, Vitebsk
gubernia, now Belarus. The town is 204 km north of Minsk, 65 miles east of
Daugavpils (Dvinsk) and 9 miles east-south-east of Vyerkhnyadzvinsk (Drissa).
I have information, map coordinates and alternate spellings for this town as
well as many other references. I have found nothing on google or any maps that
show a town with the spelling Volntzach. I am trying to determine if Volntzach
is a former name for Volyntsy or if they are two different towns or if Volntzach
never existed in Vitebsk gubernia.

Can anyone on this list provide me with information (maps prior to 1834,
map coordinates, vital records, or any other written information) that
shows the town with the exact spelling, Volntzach in Vitebsk gubernia?

Ava Cohn
Long Grove, IL

Searching: SHENKMAN/FRIEDMAN/SELIGMAN: Volyntsy, Drissa, Vitebsk gub., Riga
COHN/ABRAMOWITZ: Botosani, Bucharest, Montreal, Haifa; Philadelphia
HAMMER: Krasne Ilske, Ukr., Czernovitsi

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