Re: Question regarding Geni family trees #general

Gina Marks <ginagem@...>

Dear Genners

I would like to comment on the query regarding Geni family trees by
relating my own very bad recent experience with the site.

Because I had seen possible connections to my own family on Geni,I decided
to start a tree myself, putting about 50 of my ancestors' names etc.
onto it. The next time I looked at it, numerous changes had been made
to the entries I had placed and additional people had been included on it,
many with errors in name and/or dates of birth/death.

I was very upset and I queried it with Geni. When they eventually replied
to me I was informed that other people were now "managing" some of my own
direct ancestors and Geni were unable to change that. They said I would
not be able to make any alterations or additions to those particular
entries on the tree and refused to remove my tree completely for the
same reason as above - "that part of it was now being managed by other
people and I no longer owned the whole tree".

Eventually, all I could do was to rename all the individuals still
remaining "under my management" and I did that by calling each one of them
"No Name", thereby rendering the whole tree useless to anyone else.

I personally feel that Geni is NOT a site for those of us involved in
serious genealogy but that it has the feel of a Facebook-type site,
with lots of useless and frivolous areas, apart >from the obvious hazard
of having other people interfere with the data one has added.

My advice to anyone thinking of joining Geni would be to consider it very
carefully first.

Gina Marks


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