Geni Trees #general

Adiva Bloch

I use Geni as well and have been quite happy with it until now. I do agree
that the new management procedures are wrong and don't update so much
anymore there for that reason.

IMO, if someone is looking to share a tree, then is a wonderful
place. You can invite whomever you would like to be part of your tree and
can give them one of three management options, one of which being only able
to view, but not make changes. This allows me to share my tree with anyone I
would like, but at my choosing as I can make the tree private and also not
have to worry that changes I do not approve will be made. And now that the
Jewish records are on ancestry as well, it will find possible matches for
you to review that you may have missed on your own.

Adiva Bloch
Johannesburg, South Africa

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