Re: Problems with Geni #general

Daniel Horowitz <daniel@...>

Hi all,

I've been reading all your comments about Geni and now I have to agree
with Julian >from Kfar Saba, Israel when he says "I think you are all
looking at this site in the wrong way."

The main purpose of Geni is to create one big tree of the whole world.
That means that everybody (including non-genealogists) can enter
information and merge with your tree, which then is not *your* tree any

When Gina says "it's like Facebook," she is right. Everybody can find a
lot of relatives on Facebook, but it doesn't mean you are going to (or
that you should) give away all your years of research or contaminate
your tree with useless and nonsensical information or, even
worse,permit other people to manage *your* tree.

If you are looking to publish your tree with 100% confidence in privacy
matters, plus connect with previously unknown relatives and *possibly*
merge information into *your* tree, while keeping your tree completely
separate >from the other one and keeping "complete control* of *your*
information, your visitors, your invited family members and
collaboration, I strongly recommend that you use (either
directly online or with their free software Family Tree Builder 4.0).
It is silly to have one *official* or *real* tree in your own computer
and have other *problems* on the net, over which you have no control.

Also, while there are other sites that do allow you to publish and
maintain privacy controls, those other sites do not perform automatic
matching detection (SmartMatch) with more than 400 million profiles in 9
million family trees.

Give it a try, I'm sure you won't regret it and will begin to find new
information in a short time.

Daniel Horowitz
Genealogy and Translation Manager

MyHeritage Ltd.
Bnei Atarot 60991, Israel
Tel: 972-3-9702614
Fax: 972-3-9772473

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