Re: German Litvaks #general

Alexander Sharon

Aubrey Jacobus

No one has yet explained why there so many instances where families
from Lithuania are found recorded as being born in Germany-in UK census -
Lithuania was under Imperial Russia (1795-1914) -
Only Memel in a tiny enclave was part of the Prussian Empire
In the TV programme tracing the history of Suchet family it emerged that
Memel was outide the Pale of Settlemant and that Lithuanian Jews who
moved there were able to emigrate easily.
Jews were escaping mid 17th century (1648-1651) pogroms initiated during
Khmelnitsky Uprising through Lithuania and Poland territory - this period is
known in our history as "Catastrophe".
Litvaks have landed in Hamburg >from were their were expelled and in
Amsterdam amongst the Jewish Portugese colony.

One was of the reasons that Menasseh Ben Israel (Manoel Dias Soeiro) has
petitioned Cromwell for the readmission Jews to England was to move Litvaks
to Albion.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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