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A. E. Jordan

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The Forward is on microfilm and can be found at many libraries.... ,
Alternatively, pay a graduate student to find the article

I have done this research for people. A few comments/pointers or everyone:

First off yes the paper is on microfilm and also Yivo has the actual
newspapers in their collection but at least in the case of the one I was
looking for it was turning to dust when they opened the storage box so I
was not permitted to handle the paper. However they did get it to the
page in question so that I could take digital pictures of the newspaper
page and particular picture that the person wanted out of the paper.
(I first found what I wanted date and page number in the microfilm -
you can not browse/search the hard copy papers to do research.)

The Forward does not have an archives but their is an independent woman who
works as their unofficial/part-time archivist and she does compensated
research in the paper too. I don't believe I am permitted to post her details
here but I met here at the NYPL two years ago and have her email details.

The caution about hiring someone to do the research is that most of the
paper is in Yiddish and unless someone can read Yiddish be careful about
hiring them to work in The Forward. I was able to do my project because I was
looking for a photograph and the caption was both in English and Yiddish but
large parts of the paper are Yiddish only and of course there is no index
to the paper.

Allan Jordan

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