Re: Online family trees #general

Zev Griner <zgriner@...>

I feel your pain. *But*, many people are paranoid about having their
names publicized on family trees, considering the widespread
misinformation about identity theft. To that end, I convert living
people's first names to initials and remove all other information
about them. Other websites, like JewishGen & RootsWeb, remove even
first names.

And that's why I try to document parents & grandparents BMD
information for people that marry into the tree.

Zev Griner


My beef is with those who insist on calling people "private" Smith or Jones
and not allowing their names to be seen by ticking a box which then
privatises those people "still" living. This may not be the case if you
forget to tick the deceased box. It also sometimes inhibits the tying in of
the same people and is most frustrating!!!!!

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